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Veterinary medicine

Tolnagro Kft has been dealing with the distribution of various veterinary preparations and veterinary medicines for more than 25 years. The product portfolio of the company, which has become a group of companies during the last quarter of a century, has been growing year by year, so the number of our active products now exceeds 13,000. The growth of our range also required the continuous expansion of our warehouse capacity, which now exceeds 19,500 m2.

We also place great emphasis on our own developed and manufactured products, which are used and recommended by veterinarians across the country to animal keepers. Innovation is extremely important to us, so we are constantly developing our own pharmaceuticals so that we can continuously provide the quality we are accustomed to for our Partners. Our credo is that we are professionals first and foremost traders.

Veterinary medicine

We try to cover the needs of not only the domestic but also the foreign market with a wide range of veterinary medicines, so we can find various antibiotic preparations in many dosage forms, dermatological preparations, ectoparasiticides, gastrointestinal preparations dermatological preparations, endectocides, endoparasiticides, euthanasia-related products / products for pigeons only, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, antispasmodic, homeopathic, hormone, nervous system / anesthetics, anti-coccidiosis and anti-cryptosporidium preparations, ophthalmic preparations, foot care preparations, respiratory preparations, respiratory preparations, respiratory preparations , cardiovascular preparations, mastitis preparations, vaccines, musculoskeletal preparations and vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids accessories.

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