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About us


For more than a quarter of a century in the service of agriculture

With the merger of the two successful distributors of veterinary medicines in Southern Transdanubia, Tolnavet Kft. And Agrovet Kft., Tolnagro Állatgyógyászati ​​Kft. Was established in Szekszárd in 1996. The aim of the merger was to enable the new company to provide better services to its customers. With the development of the company, the number of our partners, the company's turnover, warehousing and logistics capacity, and the number of its employees have been growing steadily from year to year, so the company has become a key player in Hungarian agriculture. The turnover of the 100% Hungarian-owned family business was HUF 26,2 billion in 2021.

Our total warehouse capacity is nearly 20,000 square meters. With the experience gained over the last quarter of a century, we serve our customers with the highest possible standard. We deliver our range of more than 14,000 products to our nearly 22,000 partners, both online and through our traditional (offline) platforms. The headquarters of our company group is located in Szekszárd.

Today, we have become a large company with more than 400 employees and 8 locations. In addition to our headquarters in Szekszárd, we have sites in Nyíregyháza, Budapest, Bögöte, Miskolc and Érd too.

The range of our partners is very wide

Over the past 25 years, our activities, which are still typical today, have developed continuously.

Our work is no longer about clinical healing in a practical sense, but we have transformed into a commercial and logistics company that meets the expectations of all customers using veterinary drugs and supplements in the country. In 2007, the business became wholly owned by a family. In the following years, our territorial expansion began, and the range of today's services and products developed.

Our customers include agricultural companies, livestock farms and veterinarians, which play a prominent role in Hungary's strategic food supply, as well as large retail chains serving pet animals, PET shops and pet owners, so we can say that the range of our partners is very wide.

We meet the needs of our customers with a qualified network of more than 30 representatives, through our advanced logistics centers at the European level, and with our own car fleet of 40 trucks.

Our areas of activity

We have grouped our activities into several business lines according to the way our products and animals are used. Based on this, our defining units are our farm animal, companion animal, pet (or pet food), and our instrument-instrument business. In addition, our unit, which is now increasingly adapting to conquering online commerce habits, including the Petissimo web store, is evolving at a rapid pace. We see the full development and future of our veterinary business in the development of our R&D and manufacturing business. Nowadays, the focus of our activity is shifting towards pharmaceutical production.

More than 200 of our products approved by NÉBIH are present on the Hungarian and international markets. We used to produce our products on a contract basis, but we have been producing in our own factory for a few years now and from 2021 we will also support the production of the products with our laboratory.

Geographically, in addition to our headquarters in Szekszárd, most of our sites are located in Budapest.

  • Of these, a nearly 10,000-square-foot European-level, modern warehouse base on Táblás Street.
  • An animal pharmacy opposite the veterinary university in István Street.
  • A pharmaceutical plant with a laboratory background on Gumigyár Street.
  • And a tool-instrument showroom in Komáromi Street.

In the last quarter of a century, we have been working to cover all segments of veterinary medicine in the best possible quality, in accordance with professional standards, with the products of both domestic and foreign suppliers.

We fulfill the orders of our partners within 24 hours, which we deliver with 65 regular round trips per week, our own fleet of 40 trucks, and we send them by mail and courier service. We also provide emergency delivery to our contracted partners within 8 hours.

Tolnagro in person

It is important for our company to maintain regular and personal contact with our partners and to inform our current and future partners. We also know how much help a “good friend” can be if one gets stuck somewhere.

Our network of representatives with more than 30 employees covers the entire territory of the country. Thanks to regular monthly training, they can always help you with up-to-date and accurate information. The company's staff regularly visits our partners and informs them about the latest news, current information and helps to solve the clever and troublesome problems of our customers. At our company, 3 consultants are waiting for their questions. We strive to find the best solution for everyone!

Our customer service and sales team of nearly 60 people is thinking about the right customer relationships, and each of our partners has a personal contact person who you can reach directly on the phone line. If required, at a pre-arranged time, we will call our customers by phone to pick up their order.

Our Business Partners, Suppliers

It is extremely important for us to sell only quality products, and we also undertake the distribution of all services and service products that do not belong to our field of activity, but increase the quality and value of the service and thus serve the satisfaction of our partners. they can get almost everything in quality.

We also maintain close business relations with the largest manufacturers, such as: Boehringer Ingelheim Kft., Ceva-Phylaxia Zrt., Intervet Hungária Kft. (MSD), Elanco Hungary Kft., Zoetis Hungary Kft.

From one place at a good price


We offer our customers a full range of veterinary medicines and vaccines, disinfectants, vitamins, veterinary biocides, tools, bandages, instruments, equipment, as well as dog & cat food and equipment found in Hungary today.

As the market leader, we are, of course, in close contact with all Hungarian pharmaceutical importers, so we can provide our partners with the most knowledgeable knowledge of the subject for any special professional issues.

About our customers

Our customers are veterinarians, veterinary pharmacies, pharmacies, as well as animal keepers and large agricultural holdings (pig, cattle farms, rabbit farms, poultry farms and feed mixers). Tolnagro Kft.'s customers include Hungary's largest pig, poultry and cattle keepers. We are proud that we can contribute to our success.

Complaint handling

You just have to report your complaint!

In the course of our activity, it is our basic aim that our employees and you are satisfied in every respect with our products and services, as well as with the continuous service we provide! Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, problems may occur, which can certainly be remedied with a little attention and taking your comments into account.

Reporting any problems - be they comments, comments or complaints - is extremely important to us and we investigate them in every case.

If you wish to report a complaint, please do so in writing via the e-mail address: panaszkezeles@tolnagro.hu.

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